Fan Fiction

AekaBGlandersA poem expressing Ayeka's grief.
AdagioFirebirdA piece of music stirs Ayeka's memories of the past.
Aeka's DecisionKatsuroWhat might Aeka have been thinking just before Tenchi left Jurai. TV Continuity.
Aeka's MirrorGenSaoA self reflection fic.
All Along~*beautiful_dreamer*~An anti-bash fic. A story about Ayeka and Ryoko getting along.
All for LoveMaria: gohan_viedelJust your regular day at the fair...till an evil force is released and Tenchi has to go save the one he loves...but will his power be enough to save them all...
All I Need to BeChiriruPOV-Ayeka. A princess' soul searching causes her to find who she really is once more...
Always Be True to Your HeartLesell CharisAyeka must be true to her heart, but it's too late...
And Tears Felltiakall/RiikiiA story from Ayeka's POV, reflecting on a life that could have been hers.
The Art of Personal DiplomacyBeagle-sanIn 1998, a scandal-ridden American President receives a visit from a prim and proper Princess of Jurai. Uh-oh...
Ayeka Goes to the MoviesThomas McKeeAyeka goes "Hollywood"
Ayeka Talk'n DirtyDavnerAyeka, woman of loose morals??
Ayeka's Rival, Tenchi's New LoveMeilinKaroi, an old rival of Ayeka and a friend of Ryoko, comes to Earth and Tenchi falls in love with her.
A Birthday of New BeginningsLeeman (aka Tsunami's Knight)Ayeka-hime's birthday has arrived, and Tenchi decides it's time to tell her how he feels about her.
Blanket Diplomacy
Part One: Blanket Statement
Part Two: Sound Bites
Jeff MorrisTenchi discovers the downsides of sleeping with his wives.
Broken Hearti don't have anything against Ayeka but this is my first poem for this series
Civanfan's Poem: AekaAyeka's longing to be loved is voiced through poetry.
Confess to YouThe goddesses make war, two young lovers find each other, and a princess is given a quest of epic proportions.
The Cookie SageBGlandersA tale of high adventure!
Cosmic DreamsKazumi the Cosmic Lord, is added to the Tenchi cast. In it Aeka gets Tenchi. (Multipart)
Crash and BurnAn Ayeka+Tenchi fic using the Savage Garden song "Crash and Burn"
The Dark JurianTenchi must confess his love without chasing away one of his best friends. (Multipart)
Daughters of TwilightDavnerAfter a near-fatal accident, Tenchi makes his choice, and the others must learn to live with his decision.
The Death of a PrincessWhat was Aeka really thinking when Tenchi left her at the end of Tenchi Universe?
Destiny Changes (Shimmer)Ayeka just wants to be free like the others, but she has to go through a fight. Fight for your rights, Ayeka!
Dullest StarAyeka one night looks up at the stars and sees a dull star. She then writes a song to Tenchi, inspired by that star.
Ecchi Level?!A limey Tenchi-DBZ spam fic from a discussion.
The Empires PrelateThe thrilling conclusion to "A Penny for a Princess"
The First Time I Love YouThis is another Tenchi and Aeka love story.... They enjoy a slow dance to Styx's "First Time" in the ballroom. This is a follow up to "Funeral" Another songfic.
For a FriendAyeka must rescue Ryoko, and thinks about her relationship with the pirate.
The Funeral (A Final Farewell)An EXTREMELY sad follow up to the "Princess, I Will NEVER Let You Down" fanfic.... Everyone is at Ryoko's funeral, and they get SO depressed.... This is a songfic for "Estranged" by Guns N' Roses
The Gentle Sound of ThunderA really dark Tenchi fan fic told in the first person perspective. (Multipart)
The Gift of the ChoushinAn Alternate Universe Christmas fic, an adaptation of O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi"
Goodbye and HelloAyeka leaves and returns. An interesting "what if" story.
Growing Up is a Matter of ChoiceAyeka and Ryoko decide to do a little growing up.
Hall of TearsAyeka returns to Jurai.
Hands of FateA multi-part story, with Ayeka playing a major role.
Heart in the SnowAyeka takes a walk on a snowy day, that proves fateful.
The Heart of JuraiAyeka AngelWhen the biggest secret in her life is revealed to Marianna, she feels she can't save the main person in her life. But with his and Ayeka's help Tenchi may be able to help Marianna face her biggest challenge yet
I Got Your Valentine Right HereJeff MorrisTenchi puts his foot down...right into his mouth.
If I Could Wait For A Moment/Would That You Were HereAeka's thoughts.
If It Hurts to Look BackTenchi's choice leads Ayeka into a new adventure.
If Only In My DreamsAeka's POV on Christmas Eve without her family.
If Only Wishes Could Be DreamsA multi-part story, with Ayeka playing a major role.
I'll Be (At the Masaki) Home for ChristmasJeff MorrisAyeka decides to show Tenchi who the better woman is by hosting the perfect Christmas family gathering. Featuring the terrible fate of Mr. Gobbles.
Jesus bleibet meine freudeA short tale about Aeka and Tenchi's desire to be free of loneliness
Kagato's Attack! 
Keep On Loving YouA wedding... Another songfic.
KimochiA series of diary entries by each character
Lily Among Thorns 
Love's Cruel FateIt's been a year since one of the girls passed away. Which one was it, and why does Tenchi feel responsible for her passing? A semi-dark fic.
Love HimeThe story of the long, happy marriage of Ayeka's grandparents, Seto and Utsutsumi.
Lover in DisguiseShowing feelings for Tenchi is hard, and when it comes to Ayeka showing him those feelings..... It's embarrassing.
The Memory of TreesThe Royal Trees have witnessed many events. Now they witness an introspective tale told from first person P.O.V. of a decision on a sleepless night.
Murasaki CascadeA brief free verse poem about OVA Aeka.
My AngelAnother Tenchi/Ayeka fic. What happens when Tenchi finds Ayeka asleep in the fields?
A Moment to be NoticedAeka thinks about her life.
Must Be LoveAyeka's confusion about her love life with Tenchi.
Must Be MeA song to the tune "My Vietnam" by the singer Pink. Ayeka's song.
My Best Friend's EngagementAn Ayeka Gets Tenchi fic.
A Need For Magical LoveMaria: gohan_viedelA magical day for Ayeka.
Never ForgetThe heartwarming tale of a Juraian Queen and her elephant.
Never Wake UpAyeka the Jurain PrincessRyoko and Ayeka's Friendship fell apart recently. How does Ayeka put her feelings in a song?
The Night I First Loved YouAn extrapolation from volume 2, episode #3 of the OAV of the time spent in the tool shed, where Ayeka considers her thoughts for Tenchi.
Ni Kappuru MonogatariA tale of two weddings.
No Need for DeathAyeka's old "friend" returns to get her for himself. ...If he doesn't kill her first.
No Need for the Loves of Heaven and Earth!Ayeka's past. (Multipart).
OkurimonoAyeka gets an insightful visitor and a special Christmas gift.
One Special DayAfter a bad dream, Ayeka reflects on her relationships both past and present.
Only He Has The Power (to Move Me)Ayeka considers her lost relationship with Tenchi. Set in an alternate universe.
Paradise LostDavnerAfter enduring a life-changing trauma, Aeka begins the long road to recovery.
PerfectAyeka has some late-night thoughts about what it's like to be her..
Perhaps Next TimeA short Aeka/Tenchi centered fic.
Power of the PrincessAyeka's being kidnapped plunges the group into not only a new adventure, but also to learn the truth of Ayeka and Akemi.
Princess, I Will NEVER Let You DownAlternate Universe Fanfic, Ryoko mysteriously died on a vacation a few days ago, and Aeka gets an INTERESTING surprise... This is a songfic for "Depending On You" by Tom Petty
Red WatersThe thoughts of the cast of Tenchi when a darkness sweeps over the Masaki house. Very dark. (Multipart)
ReflectionAyeka's feelings in the OAV.
Reflection of a PrincessAeka reflects on her life.
The Rest of Our LivesA cute Ayeka/Tenchi fic.
Return to Jurai 
The Saga of MariannaWhen Marianna, Tenchi's cousin, is orphaned she moves in and mysteries are revealed. One day when a sorrowful event occurs, Marianna with the help of Ayeka must find her past and secrets to save Tenchi. Ayeka is a major part in the special secret!
SanAyeka desires love, not formality.
Shattered Pieces of a Broken FaithWhat would you do if your entire world was shattered as you know it and you were thrown into a world of war, bloodshed and darkness. That is how Ayeka feels when the Misaki family is thrown into the world Ayeka tried to escape from.
Size Doesn't MatterWashu switches Ayeka and Ryoko's personalities to prove a point.
Some Assembly RequiredJeff MorrisAyeka and Ryoko, having accidentally destroyed Tenchi's desk, face insurmountable odds in replacing it before he gets home.
Sonnet to the Goddesses of Tenchi Muyo!A poem to the ladies of Tenchi Muyo
The Sorrows of a PrincessAyeka comes to a realization about her future.
Spring LoveAyeka and Tenchi have an "interesting" day...
Summer RainThe prequel to "The Gentle Sound of Thunder". Somewhat dark.
Taken AwayLife seemed to be going just fine, when suddenly it was thrashed apart from news, or rather an order from her father, Aeka say goodbye to Earth and hello to a life destined to one you shall never love.
Tenchi & Ayeka: Rediscovery of LoveTakes place after the Shin Tenchi series.
Tenchi ForeverNot to be confused with the third Tenchi movie, this is a story where Tenchi marries Ayeka.
Then You Look At MeA songfic from Celine Dion's CD: All The Way, reminded the author of Ayeka
Three Things RemainTenchi's announcement blows everyone's minds, but they're going to need all the cunning they can get to protect Ryoko, Aeka and Tenchi himself from an evil scientist coming to destroy them all
To Love and To HateA multi-part story, with Ayeka playing a major role.
Today Tomorrow Sometime NeverAn alternate universe Tenchi/Ayeka fic. A young Ayeka escapes to Earth.
Twilight DreamsA semi-dark fic.
Unseen FateFrom Ayeka's diary, we find out that she knows more than she is letting on.
Until It Sleeps: A Changed PrincessA summary of a larger segment of the author's big story "Dark Energy Trilogy" set to Metallica's "Until It Sleeps", centering around Ayeka's fate.
Until We Meet AgainAyeka's thoughts before she says goodbye to Tenchi at the end of Tenchi Universe
A Very Tenchi ChristmasA great Tenchi Christmas Story based off the Tenchi TV Series. A very moving Fan Fic. Ayeka has some nice scenes.
Warm September RainBeagle-sanPlans for a surprise birthday party for Aeka are going smoothly... except that someone forgot to check with Mother Nature.
The WarningAnother one of Ayeka's songs, but only more mature and more "royal". This song is written about Tenchi
WasuremonoThis is a "what if.." sort of story about Ayeka. A very dark fic.
What Happened To Our Love?Tenchi made a horrible mistake... breaking up with Ayeka. Ayeka feels cold, as an empty feeling hastes her to express her feelings...
Wheels of Fire!Ayeka takes a ride!
Where the Sky Meets the Sea 
While You Were SleepingA fic where Aeka expresses her feelings.
With My Love AlwaysA series of letters written by Tenchi.